New Things and Stuff

Yeah yeah, I REALLY suck at the blogging thing, but you'll forgive me for that, right? Anyways, I've made several new items and didn't blog them, such as the Yuck Jeans, Kaidan and Lotras Tees, Block Party 5, and the new Block sim (thanx Jonny!). I figured I need to blog this: Dinjy Jacket. It's my tribute to the 80s headbanger. I could go into detail about it, but Ryan over at Second Man has done a review of it, so read it here: http://www.second-man.com/new-dinjy-jacket-form.html


It's Been a While...

...but I've been a busy guy. I have a lot goin' on at them moment, but it'll be worthwhile. Trust me. Anyways, I turned a year older a week ago! How old? THAT, my friends, I will keep to myself :P On to some new stuff I've made.

Doomsday Tee! Inspired by a real tee that I own. Noam probably knows what it is. The graphic is on the front and back of the tee. I've got a couple more that I've done in this style...I'll release those later this week. Keep an eye out for them.

Chain Knuckle! It's a little arm accessory I made. Worn on the right forearm and hand, and comes with a glove layer. There are four chains included, each one a different texture. Variety is good. It's no mod, no copy, transfer only, so try on the demo first before you buy it.

Neck Chain! Matches the Chain Knuckle. I've never been able to find just a simple chain to wear around my neck. The one I usually wear was given to me, and I always had people asking where I got it. So, I made one. Again, four chains included, each a different texture. It's no mod, no copy, transfer only, so try on the demo first before you buy it.

Well kids, hope this can tie you over til the next release of goodies. Til next time!


Some New Things...

I sure do suck at bloggin. Ah well, I do what I do when I can do it. Anyways, here's some recent stuff I released that I haven't mentioned yet. Firstly, new Henkei tattoo! Number 07 in the series. Try a demo.

Also released some new jeans called Tilt Jeans. I'm actually wearing them in the Henkei 07 ad above. They hang low on the right hip, kinda sexy eh? Looks great on men and women. Comes in Faded and Dark, both durteh, and sold separately. Go get some!


The Block

Hey, the Block got a nice little story in the New World Notes. Click the link to read about it: http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2007/02/the_world_from_.html#more.


Happy V-day...yadda yadda yadda

It's that time of year again, which strangley I seem to always be single on this day. A blessing maybe? Thus, I present the Til Death Tee...a little something I threw together. Hope ya likes it!

A few things worth mentioning...I'm working on a new jacket. Kinda biker, kinda denim, kinda leather, kinda not finished yet so anything can happen and it could turn out to be something totally different. Keep your eyes peeled for it.

I never did blog my last two releases, the Bushido and Kabuki Tees, so here they are for your viewing pleasure. I dig the style of the these tees, and I'll play around and see how I can translate something similar to this style on an oxford or something. Could be disasterous, but you'll never know til you try, right?


Time For Another Block Party

Noam did a kick ass job on the flyer...I expected no less. Block Party this Sunday, Feb. 4, starting at noon, ending whenever. There will be some exclusives and new releases from several of the Block merchants, so don't sleep! I will be releasing an exclusive for that day only. Some of you know what it is, some of you don't. If you don't, you'll have to come find out :D


Can I Kick It? Yes You Can!

I just wanna kick someone in the face when I wear these. Anyone else with me on this?
I finally got both male and female versions of these released. I didn't get the script I wanted to add to these boots...maybe next time.
These boots are mod/copy/no trans. I figured that works best for those of you that need to do some resizing. Mens boots can be scaled up and down. Womens boots can't be scaled any smaller, but can be sized bigger if needed. Be sure to try out the demos first. Now go buy some and stomp around in a gutter or something.